White Sheep Pixelhobby Mosaic Craft XL Pixel Craft 5mm Art Kits Complete with Frame

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White Sheep (XL1BPL-020)


Available for Bulk Orders and Wholesale, please call for more information


The Pixelhobby White Sheep Kit comes with everything required to complete your finished product (you may even have some of the Pixel Squares Spare, these can be used for other projects as we sell all the accessories separately). The Pixel Squares in these sets are 5mm. This set is suitable from 4 years - 99 years plus.

These sets are built up using a colour pattern. You slide the transparent Base over the pattern enclosed with the set, so you can see exactly where each pixel of colour can be placed. If unsure please see the video showing you how easy this is. There are 500 pixels to complete this picture.

The Pixels can be pressed onto the Base Plate with fingers or using Tweezers, we also have the Working Frame (shown Below) which is shown in the pictures both available to purchase Separately as they can be used with different projects.

These are a great craft for all ages as there is no mess, there is NO need for Glue, Water or Ironing (you can do so though if you wish).

Our Standard Pixels are 5mm are suitable from the ages of 6 years - 99 years +.
Our XL Pixels are 2.5mm and suitable for ages 6 - 99 years +.